Thursday, October 25, 2007

Major media on the Black Sox scandal

More on our fight for the soul of America, and all that is right and true ...

The is the lede from a recent column by Ken Rosenthal, senior baseball writer for

When I interviewed Paul Byrd about his use of human growth hormone, he had a question of his own for me.

"Isn't George Mitchell with the Red Sox?"

Yes, I replied, he is.

Yes, Paul, he certainly is. Paul Byrd knew what was going on. Despite the anguish of having a series taken away from his team (and heroically battling through his pituitary problems), he saw everything clearly.

Rosenthal's story is here.

And Selena Roberts wrote this article for the New York Times:

Other teams have players surface amid the Balco case and steroid raids, in the pages of tell-alls or inside doping investigations. Other teams fret over findings.

Not the Red Sox. All is free and clear.

... (George) Mitchell is, after all, not just part of the giddy Red Sox Nation, but a director of the team. He refused to take off his Red Sox cap when Commissioner Bud Selig asked him to wear the hat of steroid sleuth in the spring of 2006.

Of course he wouldn't "take off his Red Sox cap." He had to reassure the Black Sox Nation that everything would be just fine, they had nothing to worry about. His priorities were obvious to all:

Black Sox Nation first.

Truth, justice, and the American Way? The future of our National Pastime? The soul of our great nation? The trust and faith of America's children in all that is good and pure? HIPAA regulations dealing with protecting the privacy of pitchers with pituitary problems? None of that was even on Mitchell's radar ...

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